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2008 Gloria Ferrer Etesian Pinot Noir    


reg $19.99 / $11.99 by the case


Gorgeous ripe raspberry and cherry with subtle hints of eucalyptus/bay leaves announce this stunning Pinot Noir. On the palate this wine displays the silky and smooth characteristics one would expect from these delicate grapes.


“Very faint nose, fairly light in color. Just explodes on the palate, however. Lots of sour cherry and strawberry flavors. Label says it was aged in oak. If there was any oak, it was lost on me, except maybe for a whisper on the finish. This is a very, very "New World" wine. No one will ever mistake this for Corton or Chambertin. High acidity, but with enough fruit to pull it off. At that price, it's a terrific bargain.” Cellartracker



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